Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Office Season 6, Episode 2 Recap

This week we are on the second episode of the new season and things are really changing around the office. Michael calls Oscar into his office to ask him about having a colonoscopy. Oscar is horrified for obvious reasons...(Watch the Clip Above).We cut to David Wallace, Michael's boss who is in the office to chat with Jim. Needless to say, Michael is very curious and he is wondering what is going on. He has a sneaking suspicion that Jim is after his job since he and Pam are getting married and expecting a baby and he wants to get ahead now.

Michael is worried and he tries to spy on them and see what is happening. He asks Pam if she knows, but she won't tell him anything. He goes around the office looking at them and trying to see if he can figure out a way to find out what they are discussing. Meanwhile, Pam is going around the office looking for RSVP's for people coming to the wedding. She asks most of them, hoping that they won't be able to make it, but it turns out that they will. Pam and Jim are getting married in Niagara Falls and they had been hoping that it would be too far for people to travel. She asks Kelly and she asks Ryan. They both tell her that they will be going. She asks Meredith who tells her that she will be there too. Pam is worried now.

Michael interrupts David and Jim and he is told to go away by David. He finally gets Andy to make up a cheese platter for them and he sneaks into the trolley so that he can listen in but he is too late. David calls Michael into his office and tells him that Jim is looking for a promotion and that he wants Michael's job. I thought that this was really stabbing Michael in the back and it didn't sit right with me...But anyway, David asks Michael what he thinks of Jim and how would Jim do as a manager. Michael gives him a bad reference and David decides not to promote him after all. Jim finds out about this and confronts Michael who calls David and changes his mind about the promotion. They decide in the end that Jim and Michael will be co-managers which I think is a bit silly. Michael is always the boss and I think that is the way it should stay. Dwight is crushed!!! That's all for now. I will be back next week with another installment..

The Crow Movie Review

This movie is one of my all time favourites. I even bought the special edition on DVD! It stars Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee and of course everyone knows the story about how he died on set and that does tinge the movie with sadness but it is a classic movie nonetheless. It is based on a comic book by James O' Barr.

The movie begins on October 30th or 'Devil's Night' in Detroit. A young woman called Shelley Webster(Sofia Shinas) has been raped and brutally beaten and her fiance, Eric Draven(Brandon Lee) has been shot and he has fallen through a window and he is dead. Shelley is hanging on for her life. The cop, Albrecht(Ernie Hudson) is at the scene and he is horrified by what he sees. A young girl, Sarah(Rochelle Davis) is friends with Shelley. She asks the cop if Shelley will be okay,but the cop tells her that Shelley is dying.

We cut to a year later and there is a crow sitting on top of a headstone in a dark graveyard. It taps the stone with its beak as if knocking.It is Eric Draven's headstone and he is brought back to life by the mysterious crow. We see a dubious group of criminals headed by T-Bird(David Patrick Kelly). The others are Tin Tin(Laurence Mason) and Funboy(Michael Massee) and Skank(Angel David). Eric wanders back to his old apartment and he has flashbacks of what happened and these flashbacks feature the criminals. They raped and beat Shelley and shot Eric and killed him. The anger builds in Eric and he paints his face like a sad clown and dresses in his black goth clothes before he decides that he is going to get revenge for what happened to him. He finds that he can heal quickly. He can't be hurt by anything.

The crow is guiding him to the gang he wants to kill. The first to meet the avenger is Tin Tin. He has his knives and he thinks that he will dispose of Eric easily, but it is him who ends up pinned to the wall by his knives and he is the one who ends up stabbed in all his vital organs. Eric takes Tin Tin's coat and he goes in search of his next victim.He finds Gideon(Jon Polito) who is a small time crook who owns a pawn shop. He gets back Shelley's engagement ring which Tin Tin had pawned. He blows up the place and injures Gideon. He finds Funboy next who is in bed with Sarah's mother, Darla(Anna Levine). He kills him with his needles and his own morphine while sending Darla home to her daughter. Sarah sees Eric and she figures out where he will be. She meets him in the apartment and they talk. He tells her that he hasn't come back to stay and she is sad..

So, the rest of the gang begin to die and this worries their leader, Top Dollar(Michael Wincott) . He wonders who this guy is and he wants him dead. His lover, Myca(Bai Ling) wants to know who it is too. She seems to know about the crow. Eric shows up at a meeting and he kills loads of Top Dollar's associates. He thinks that he has finished his job as he kills Skank, the last gang member. He meets Sarah and they go to Shelley's grave. Eric is tiring now and he is almost ready to pass on to the other side. But, Sara is grabbed by the baddies and held in a church where Top Dollar and his woman are waiting. The crow is shot and Eric loses his powers as a result. Myca wants the crow as she wants its powers, but it pecks her eyes out and she falls to her death. Top Dollar and Eric fight and Top Dollar falls from the roof of the church and onto a spike.Officer Albrecht has shown up to help too and he has been wounded. Eric and Sarah go to the hospital while Eric returns to his grave and he is reunited with his love. The movie ends with Sarah standing at the grave and the crow drops Shelley's ring into her hand before it takes off into the night...

A brilliant film with some great scenes. Brandon Lee really shone in this movie and this would have been the beginning of his career in mainstream movies. This movie is sad in parts but you have a sense that justice has been done at the end of it as the baddies get their comeuppance.There is some great music too!I would recommend this to anyone and it will be a favourite of mine always.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Stephen King Adaptations Part 1

As you already know, I am a huge Stephen King fan and I have read most of his books. I love horror movies too, so the two together are just great for me! So, I am going to go through my favourite Stephen King adaptations and maybe you can tell me your favourites. There are so many that I have broken them into two parts and of course, there are some I didn't like and I will put on a post about that too. For the moment, I will start at the beginning...

The first Stephen King penned movie was Carrie(1976) and I didn't love this movie, but it is a classic by now. Next we have Salem's Lot(1979) which starred Davis Soul which wasn't too bad. There were some creepy scenes in it. Next came The Shining(1980) which is a favourite of mine with a great performance by Jack Nicholson. Creepshow(1982) included some stories by Stephen King plus a cameo by him! Cujo(1983) is another fave of mine and it involves a rabid St Bernard dog..The Dead Zone(1983) had a good performance from Christopher Walken. A solid favourite of mine is John Carpenter's Christine(1983). The book was brilliant and the movie is brilliant too. There is something spooky about a car with a mind of its own...

That was followed by the nightmarish Children of the Corn(1984) with Linda Hamilton.Don't mess with those kids!!!Firestarter(1984) followed and it starred a young Drew Barrymore. Cats Eye(1985) wasn't one of my favourites, but it wasn't bad either. Silver Bullet(1985) stars a young Corey Haim and it is a real treat for any horror fan.. I really like that movie. Maximum Overdrive(1986) came out after that and, although it wasn't a smash hit, I always liked it and I still do. Stand By Me(1986) starred a very young River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Jerry O Connell and Corey Feldman and it was a bittersweet tale of friendship and a search for a dead body. It is a real classic.. Creepshow 2(1987) followed that.The Running Man(1987) starred Arnold Scwarzenegger and it was a sci-fi movie. Pet Sematary(1989) was about a graveyard for pets but it was not just an ordinary one... The pets seemed to come back to life, but they are not the same when they return..

Well, thats the first part of my list of Stephen King Adaptations. Let me know your faves from the list and I will do the second half soon....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 11 Recap

There are only 6 chefs left this week so they are dropping like flies now. Sabrina went last week and it was about time too. She wasn't very good and Chef Ramsay called her out and showed her the door.

This week, the remaining chefs aren't happy, especially Van who knows he is on borrowed time.
He has to up his game this week, or he will be out the door too. They are given presents by Chef Ramsay and they open them to find their black chefs jackets. There is no more red or blue team. They are all out for themselves now. Chef Ramsay makes them a meal and he tells them to pair up and try and copy the meal exactly. So, they break into teams and Dave and Suzanne win the challenge. They get to spend the day with Chef Ramsay, though Dave isn't pleased at having to spend a day in the company of Suzanne!!

The rest of the chefs have to prepare the restaurant for that night's service. It is a couples night so there are roses etc.Nobody will really talk to Dave or Suzanne when they get back which is kinda childish. Chef Ramsay comes in and he tells Kevin that he will be serving salad at the tables. Suzanne messes up with her timings and Kevin is not happy as he has to wait for her food before he can serve his salad. Van is having a hard time and he sweats into the scallops. He is really trying to keep it together, but everything is falling apart for him. Tenille is doing very well. She is communicating and she is cooking her meat to perfection...

Van gives Chef Ramsay raw fish and it is not good enough. He has a word with Van and tells him that he has got to get his act together. Ariel burns her lettuce and that is the last straw. Chef Ramsay has a meltdown and he leaves the kitchen. The team has to work without him, which they do successfully(Watch the Clip Above). Suzanne won't let some of the food go out and the others are annoyed with her and they do it themselves. She walks away and that does not look good. Chef Ramsay comes back and he kicks out Van, Ariel and Suzanne. Tenille, Kevin and Dave are left to finish the service and they really do well. Those three are the best of the group and one of them will win it.
So, they have to pick two people to leave and they pick Suzanne and Van. Van is the one who has messed up more, I guess, so he is kicked out. Personally, I think that Suzanne is pretty bad too, so I would kick her out too.... Well, she is still in it for the moment,but somehow, I do not think she will last long....Until next time...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 10 Recap

So, last week, there was no Hell's Kitchen so we got treated to two this week. There was plenty of surprises and shocks in these two episodes. The first episode started from where last week left off. Andy finally got kicked off and everyone was happy enough with that. Suzanne was moved to the men's team and the men were not happy.This week, they are moaning about her and they tell her that they do not like her and that she will not have an easy time. She knows that and she vows to do her best so they will not get a chance to nominate her for eviction. The red team are delighted to get rid of her and they are happy that they do not have to listen to her anymore.

The challenge this week is for the chefs to make a meal from food available in Canada where the hotel is.They have to make a dish and present it to him and his guests, two Olympic Champions. The men win the challenge and they get to go to a nice restaurant and eat with a chef. The girls have to go to a farm and milk cows and clean up a pig pen. They are complaining etc.They have to think up their own menus and the blue team are fine, but the red team keep squabbling. Sabrina and Ariel try and freeze out Tenille and they disregard her ideas.They finally come up with their menu. Chef Ramsay looks at them and he approves. That evening, they go into service and Chef Ramsay has high hopes for them,but it soon becomes apparent that it is not going to turn out that way.

Van is having a bad night and he keeps under cooking his halibut. Chef Ramsay keeps catching him sweating into the food and he is not impressed. Tenille puts too much pepper in her food and Ariel under cooks her pasta three times. Dave hurts his arm and he wonders if he can continue, but he finds a way to push through the pain(Watch the clip above). Dave is going to be very close to the final if he is not in it. Van spills sauce on the counter beside Chef Ramsay and doesn't clean it up. That does not go down well. Then he serves raw halibut and he seems to have a meltdown, which is a pity as I like him and I thought that he was a better contender.

Sabrina under cooks her halibut too and gets herself in trouble once again. She is a bad cook and she is devious which I don't like. Chef Ramsay tells them to shut down the kitchen and he tells them that nobody won. He asks them to pick one person from each team to go home. So, the red team pick Sabrina and Van who I would have picked too. Sabrina gets the chop as she really doesn't have what it takes to become head chef. That's all for this week, I will be back soon with another thrilling episode of Hell's Kitchen!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

District 9 Movie Review 49

District 9 is a sci-fi movie produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neil Blomkamp. It stars Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope and plenty of other actors who are all unknowns. The movie starts off as if in a documentary letting us know how an alien ship arrived over Johannesburg, South Africa and when it opens, aliens were found inside. The mother ship did not seem to operate anymore and as the aliens were in a bad condition, they were taken out and put in shacks directly underneath the mother ship.
Many years have now passed and the area below the ship has now become a ghetto called District 9 where all the aliens are kept. We learn that they survive by scavenging and like to eat cat food and that they are looked down upon by all the humans. They are now going to be transferred away from the human population to another pre-prepared settlement further away. In charge of making them all leave is Wikus Van De Merwe(Sharlto Copley). From the early talk in this documentary-style beginning, we realise that something has happened involving Copley that seems to have everyone talking. We cut back to the documentary again and Copley then arrives with MNU members(MNU means Multi-National United) and he proceeds to go door to door in District 9 trying to get the aliens to leave peacefully or else his heavies will make them go to the new settlement.

District 9 started off slowly, just telling us the background of what was happening, but nothing very exciting develops until later in the movie. We see one alien who seems to be cleverer than the others and he seems to have a plan involving mysterious fluid which he has been collecting from the mother ship debris. District 9 gets progressively better as it goes on and ends up with some great action which is very reminiscent of Aliens and Robocop. When you see the movie, you will know why!!! What is also fantastic in the special effects as the alien creatures themselves move seamlessly in the scenery and look very realistic even though they resemble prawns!! The action builds up to a great climax and there are plenty of cars being blown up, amputations and decapitations!

I think that the writer was heavily influenced by movies like Aliens, Robocop and The Fly as one character has his nails falling off as his body is changing like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. I thought that District 9 was just interesting at first, but it got very exciting towards the end and it's good to see a new sci-fi movie. There are plenty of bodies being literally blown apart and lots of action so if you like that kind of thing, then you will not be disappointed! I would definitely recommend District 9 as it is well worth seeing and it leaves the door open for a sequel. Check this out as soon as you can!!!

District 9- 8/10

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Office, Season 6, Episode 1 Recap

The Office is back this week and the first episode was a very funny one. All the regulars were in it and of course, there were some great laughs in this one. Michael, Dwight and Andy enter the office jumping around trying to copy moves called Parkour which was invented by some French guy. It involves jumping from one place to another in a unique way. It is very funny...Andy decides to jump onto a box which he assumes contains a refrigerator but he discovers too late that it is empty...There are rumours flying around the office about Stanley. There are three interns finishing up their last day working in the office and one of them spotted Stanley out in a club with some woman who was NOT his wife! So, Michael finds out about this and he sets about telling EVERYONE in the office because he is usually left out when it comes to the gossip(Watch the clip above!). He confronts Stanley about it and he admits that he has been cheating on his wife. Michael feels bad then and he tries to spread rumours about everyone else in the office to make people think that the rumour about Stanley was NOT true! He says that Andy is gay and that Pam is pregnant(which is actually true!). He says that Dwight uses store-bought manure.

Everyone confronts him at once and he tries to get away but he can't. He tries to talk his way out of it, but Jim speaks up and tells everyone that they are expecting a baby and that takes the focus from Stanley. In the end, Michael speaks to Stanley's wife and the truth comes out which makes Stanley VERY angry!!He is seen smashing Michael's car. Pam and Jim are happy and look at their scan picture. Andy is still confused about his sexuality.One of the interns is Asian and he says that Michael calls him Jet Li!!! This was a very funny episode and it is a good start for this series.. I can't wait for the next episode!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Best Demons/Possession Horror Movies..

I am going to discuss the best movies about demons or demonic possession. You know the kind I mean...There are a lot of them, but I will pick out some and if you have any ideas about other ones I might have missed or if you just want to tell me your personal faves, then leave a comment..

Of course, the first movie I am going to mention is the great Evil Dead and its sequel, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness which I reviewed.. These movies were funny and scary and there hasn't been anything like them since. Next on my list is Demons and its sequels which was full of gory scenes and scares. They are good movies, though and they are very entertaining.Next is one of the most famous possession/demon movies, The Exorcist. It is a real treat for horror fans and there is no way that it could be omitted from the best horror movies of all time. What more can I say about this creepy horror movie which sets the standard for these types of horror movies?

Next on my list is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This was a decent movie and it had some scary moments too. It is about a young girl who is possessed by a demon..The Gate is another devil/demon movie and I have reviewed it here. Witchboard is another movie about a young woman who becomes possessed by an evil spirit through a Ouija board. Fallen deals with a dead serial killer who possesses the bodies of people to get revenge. Christine is about a car which is possessed and it begins to possess its owner too. Maximum Overdrive is about trucks which are possessed by evil spirits(?) or have a mind of their own!976- EVIL is about a young guy who gets possessed by an evil spirit over the phone!

So, those are a few movies which feature demons or demonic possession. If you can think of any more, let me know.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pygmy Book Review

Pygmy is a book by Chuck Palanhiuk and is about an exchange student coming to America from his totalitarian homeland and he is documenting his stay in the United States. He is of small stature and is immediately referred to as Pygmy by the family he stays with.He views Western society and America with utter contempt and we soon learn that he is not there for a sight-seeing trip! He is planning something spectacular and we don't find out what it is until the end!

As is normal for Chuck Palanhiuk, Pygmy is a comedy like Snuff and Choke which I have reviewed .It is written in a series of dispatches 1-36 which are basically Pygmy writing back to his superiors and telling them of his experiences. He stays with a typical American family and in his reports he calls them Host Cow Father, Chicken Neck Mother, Pig Dog Son and Cat Sister! It wouldn't be a Chuck Palanhiuk book without some outrageous moments and Pygmy is no exception. Rape, neuro-toxins,vibrators and a decapitation are all involved so if you dislike reading about any of these topics, then I would advise you not to read this novel. If these topics are to your taste, then you should definitely read this. The book reminded me of an episode of The Simpsons called 'Crepes of Wrath' where an Albanian boy does a foreign exchange with Bart. I'm sure you have seen it! They all think that the boy is harmless but he is really a spy. It is the same kind of thing as Pygmy as the Americans view Pygmy as backward and simple, but he really is clever and he is planning something terrible...

Throughout the book, Pygmy quotes famous dictators and views them as role models. Palanhiuk uses the quotes in funny ways as they relate to what is happening in the story. Pygmy is a very entertaining book to read and I would definitely recommend it. The only problem I had with the book is that it is written in pigeon English as it is meant to be a foreigner writing. I found it had to read and I had to re-read lines every so often. Some of the humour is derived from the pigeon English so it is necessary for the story but can be tough going. Other than that, it was very good and very funny. Chuck Palahniuk has done it again with another hilarious book with laugh out loud moments. If you liked his previous books, then get this one now!!!

Pygmy 8/10.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jnr Versus Juan Manuel Marquez

As I stayed up late to watch this fight, I thought I would do a post about it! This was a boxing match between Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jnr and Juan Manuel Marquez and I have seen Mayweather fight before.He previously flattened Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton and I hoped Marquez was going to give him a better fight.Unfortunately I didn't read the small print and didn't know Marquez was moving up two weight divisions!!! Mayweather won by a unanimous points decision.I'm glad I didn't pay money for this on Pay-Per-View as it was free to air.The commentators raved about Mayweather as he totally outclassed Marquez but all I could think was why wasn't he able to finish him if he is so good.Its all fine just jabbing away picking up points to win the rounds but surely Mayweather should have been able to knock him out.He twisted and turned and threw punches from weird angles but the fight looked like a mismatch. I think this is why people prefer the UFC to boxing as I know I do.

I would love to see a match between the likes of BJ Penn (who is in the UFC) and Mayweather.I could guarantee The Prodigy would win!!! I read on Wikipedia that Mayweather said that any boxer would become a champion in the UFC and that while boxing was an art that the UFC was only a fad.He also is quoted as saying MMA is for beer drinkers.MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts in case you do not know!! Of course the UFC President Dana White said he would put up 2 million dollars for Mayweather to fight the UFC champion.I always thought Dana was a girls name by the way as I always think of Dana Plato who played Kimberley in Diff'rent Strokes!!!!!! Anyway Mayweather backed down but it shows that he knows he would get beaten.These are quotes taken from Wikipedia so it may not all be true but I'm taking it as truth for now!!

There are too many mismatches in boxing and this is why people are not that interested anymore.In the UFC if you keep losing and are not entertaining then you won't be fighting anymore.Boxing needs to do this as good fights are rare.I have great respect for Marquez in going up 2 divisions and for being very tough but surely there is someone who can at least give Mayweather a fight.Incidentally Triple H from the WWE walked out with Mayweather and he sat with his wife Stephanie McMahon in the audience.I hoped HHH would run in and Pedigree Mayweather to liven up proceedings but alas, he did not!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Legion Movie Trailer

I just saw this trailer and I like it already. Legion is a movie about God deciding to get rid of man once and for all. The Aplocalypse begins and there seems to be no hope, but then an angel comes and tries to help a woman who is pregnant and carrying the next Messiah...The trailer looks very good and I am looking forward to this one already.It isn't out until January, but it should be good.Watch the trailer and see what you think.

Friday, September 18, 2009

REC 2 Trailer

If you liked REC then you will like this sequel. The original movie was out in 2007 and it was a good horror movie. It was filmed as a documentary type movie and it was about a call that the cops get to come to an apartment complex and there they find an old woman who is not all she seems. What follows is a nightmare of horror...This sequel should be good. I am looking forward to it. It is out the end of October around Halloween! Enjoy the trailer!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book of Blood Movie Review

Well, I had heard of the short stories by Clive Barker on which this movie was based and I like him as an author. I wasn't sure what this movie would be like, as I hadn't heard anything at all about it. But, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It is directed by John Harrison who has directed a lot of TV stuff.
  The story begins with a young man who is trying to eat in a restaurant. His face is cut and he looks strange. A man is watching him...The young man is so tired that he hardly notices the man following him. The man takes him to a deserted shack in the middle of nowhere where he informs him that he is going to kill him as he wants his skin for a collector of unusual artifacts. The young guy tells him to make it quick and then proceeds to tell the guy his story.... We are taken to a college where a professor of parapsychology, Mary(Sophie Ward) is teaching about the paranormal. In comes a young guy called Simon(Jonas Armstrong) and she is intrigued by him.
 Mary and her sidekick Reg(Paul Blair) go to a house where a young girl was killed. Mary is interested in finding out what happened to her and if there is something strange in the house. Reg and Mary decide to move into the house and Reg brings in all his equipment for detecting spirits. Mary finds out that Simon has a gift and she asks him to come along with them. Reg isn't so keen. She begins to see strange visions such as evil children looking at her. She pushes on with her plan in the house and they all move in. Reg sees some activity on his computers and looks around. He hears screaming voices, but when he tells Mary, she doesn't hear or see anything. They hear Simon shouting and he has been cut and he is very scared. There is writing on the wall about Hell etc. Reg wonders if Simon really has a gift at all or is he just messing around?
That night, they hear voices again and this time, there are many more. Simon gets cut again and this time there is writing all over the room. Reg wants to pack up his bags and get out after that but Mary wants to stay so they do. She is visited by something that night, but there is no sign of it on the cameras. She decides to go back to her own apartment. Simon shows up there and she finds out that he faked some of the writing etc. She is disgusted with him and she tells him that she doesn't want his help anymore. He tells her that some of it IS real and he will prove it to her. He goes back to house and up to the room where it happened before. Mary and Reg are sceptical. This time, it is real and Simon finds himself being dragged to what can only be described as a sort of Hell. There are many ghosts there and they all cut his skin as they tell their stories. He is cut everywhere- on his face, his entire body is covered in their writings.
 Mary follows him and she tells the ghosts that she will make sure that their stories are told. She keeps Simon in a huge house she buys and she reads his skin to find out about another story of a dead soul.. Simon is the guy from the beginning of the movie who was captured by this guy who wants his skin. We find out that Simon escaped from Mary, but that he was living in fear. The guy doesn't care and he kills Simon and takes his skin.Unfortunately, for him, he has messed with the wrong person because he drowns in blood. Mary shows up in the shack and she finds him dead and she finds Simon's skin with the writing still on it. She takes it..The movie ends with Simon now moving along with all of the other dead souls...
  I liked this movie. It was interesting and I thought that it was well made. I liked the story and the actors were pretty good too. I would recommend it to any horror fan. I am going to give it a 7/10.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Office Is Back!!!

Well, this week we will see the return on The Office. I am really looking forward to it as I missed tuning into it every week. It is always funny and you are guaranteed a laugh. My favourite character would have to be Andy(Ed Helms). He is so funny and so talented. He can also sing which he proves throughout the series. I liked him from the beginning and my favourite scene with Andy was when Jim hid his cell phone in the ceiling and Andy could hear it ringing, but could not find it which resulted in him punching a hole in the wall!! I like Dwight(Rainn Wilson) too because he is so weird and so odd that you have to wonder how he ever got a job anywhere!Of course Michael(Steve Carell) is always hilarious and he plays the part to perfection. Those three characters make the show so funny. I like everyone in it, of course, but they are the best.
So, this new season will see Jim and Pam finally get married and Toby and Dwight have to team up to investigate Darryl's injury claim! We will also see that someone in Dunder Mifflin is having a secret affair and it is not Angela this time! With Jim and Pam starting a family, Jim is going to be trying to get ahead in his career and that is going to threaten Michael. Someone will be questioning their sexual preference in the new season also, but I won't say who it is! I am going to be watching the season premiere and I will be recapping each episode every week so you won't miss out even if you didn't get to see it!!! So, roll on tomorrow night for some good comedy and fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)

What can I saw about Patrick Swayze? He was a very good actor and he seemed like an all-round nice guy. He played so many different characters during his career and he played them all well. He was an icon in the 1980's thanks to Dirty Dancing and he was a pin up for a lot of girls, including myself.

He burst onto the screens in movies such as The Outsiders(1983) and Red Dawn(1984) and then he moved on to the great TV mini- series North and South where his acting abilities were proven.Then came one of his most famous movies, Dirty Dancing(1987) where he played a cool guy, Johnny, who swept Jennifer Grey off her feet. After Dirty Dancing, there were some smaller roles for him, but he starred in the action movie, Road House(1989) which is actually a good movie. He put in a good performance in the romantic movie, Ghost(1990) and went on to co-star with Keanu Reeves in the very entertaining Point Break(1991).

Some of his roles after this were not brilliant maybe, but he played them well. He starred in a new series called The Beast but it was not renewed for another season, but by then, he was very sick. He suffered from pancreatic cancer and he must have been suffering a lot. Hopefully, he is at peace now and our thoughts at Jigsaw's Lair go out to his family..He gave us great entertainment for many years and he will be missed.. May he Rest in Peace..
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